How To Deactivate Facebook Account

How To Deactivate Facebook Account,Deactivate your Facebook account in simple five steps,also Reactive your Facebook account by simply log in.

Today Facebook has become the largest social network in the world which have many option to share thoughts, messages, Photos, Videos with family and friends but some people quickly get tired of it. If you are one of those people, you can deactivate your account right now.

This article gives you a simple tips for deactivate your Facebook account.After you deactivate Facebook account No one will be able to find you on Facebook not even your Facebook friends.Some information may still be visible to others, such as your name in their friends list and messages you sent.

Keep in mind that after deactivating your Facebook account will get activated the next time you log in to your account.

Steps to Deactivate Facebook Account

Step 1:- Log in to Facebook

Enter email address and password in the boxes provided. After successful log in Facebook welcome screen seen by you.

Step 2:- Select Account Settings

Click on the Menu button at the top right of your facebook account’s window and select Account Settings Option

deactivate facebook account

Step 3:- Select Security option

In Account Settings, Look for the Security option on the left side and click on



Step 4:- Select Deactivate Account

After click on security option on left side a new page is open.In this page Select Deactivate your Account on the bottom of the page.


Step 5 – Confirm Deactivation of account

You will be given many options to deactivate your account you Choose the option which you want and click on Confirm Button. When you click the confirm button your account will be deactivated temporarily.


Check the box to OPT OUT of receiving emails from Facebook in the Future

Now your Facebook account is Deactivated. Your profile will be not shown in any of your friends or any people. You are Reactivate the Facebook  account by simply log in.

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